How to Install Dynamic Island on Windows 11

Are you in search of ways to install Dynamic Island on Windows 11? You’ve come to the correct location. Read on to find out what you need to do to download and install the most popular tools apps Dynamic Island for PC. The majority of apps available via Google Play or the iOS App Store are specifically designed for mobile platforms.For more intresting articles follow our TechSteve.

How to Install Dynamic Island on Windows 11

Did you realize that even if the official version for PC is not yet available however, you can still run any of your preferred Android or iOS apps on your laptop? There are some simple methods that can be used for installing Android applications on Windows devices and then use them just as you do use them on your Android smartphone. Below are the steps for installing Dynamic Island for Windows 11.


  • Open your browser and browse to XWidget website.
  • Download XWidget on the your first screen on the site. Scroll down to locate it at the top of the page. Click
  • Download it and save it to your PC.
  • It is necessary remove XWidget sets from your downloaded directory.
  • Then, unzip the downloaded zip file into the xwidget_setup directory to begin the installation process. Click Run when the security warning asks you if you would like to run this software since the publisher’s name isn’t listed.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, and then press Next to install the application on your computer.
  • Click Finish to start XWidget. A shortcut to XWidget will be displayed on the desktop.
  • XWidget will start from the Windows PC, and three different widgets will show up at the top of your screen. You can right-click each widget to shut it down.
  • Select the picture of the animated island on the desktop , and the page that corresponds will be displayed.
  • Continue scrolling down through the webpage until you see the Download Free green button. Then click it. Desktop Dynamic Island is now be downloaded to your computer.
  • When the download is finished, Desktop Dynamic Island will show up in its pill-shaped black form on your desktop, perhaps over three widgets on your screen.
  • Dynamic Island is ready for use on your desktop.

Dynamic Island Features on Windows 11/10

Like the original XWidget, the Dynamic Island delivers a rich and feature-packed experience for its users. It can be set up to display events, the weather and battery information, memory details as well as a music player. You can also shut down or reboot your system in just a click on the tablet that is dynamic. Let’s take a quick look at each along with the steps required to activate it.

Access Date and Time

Instead of accessing the calendar via the taskbar, you could assign the calendar’s action on the Dynamic Island to view it. To activate Dynamic Island Pill, click on it and then choose the Date Time option. Once it is enabled, you are able to click on the Dynamic Island pill at any time to check the date/time, and access the calendar.

View Current Weather Details

In addition to your calendar you are able to also set up Dynamic Island to view current information about the weather. Click upon Dynamic Island and choose Weather. Select the Pill icon for the details.

Display Memory Usage

The ability to view real-time data on memory consumption can be extremely helpful when understanding the performance of your system. You can access the information easily using Dynamic Island. Just right-click Dynamic Island and choose Memory to see the information about the consumption of memory in your system.

View Battery Charging Status and Percentage

Dynamic Island is also capable of showing the percentage of battery and the charging status of your Windows PC at the ease of just a single click. Right-click to open Dynamic Island and choose the option for Battery to display battery information and charging status through the pill.

Access Music Player

Why should you open Music Player separately when you can manage it via your Dynamic Island Pill? Follow this simple guideline to allow music playback on Dynamic Island. Select the right-most corner of Dynamic Island to select Player. Click on the Pill to expand and control the playback of your music.

Reboot or Shutdown your machine

You can easily shut off or reboot your Windows machine with Dynamic Island by pressing the appropriate toggle buttons. Select the Right click on Dynamic Island and select Shutdown. Now, you can click the pill to close down as well as restart your computer by using switches.


We hope you like our article regarding How to Install Dynamic Island on Windows 11. The Dynamic Island will display background information, including timers and music controls and also interact with users like Face ID unlocking, Apple Pay payments, inbound phone calls, and so on. Since it’s interactive it is possible to tap into it and extend it.

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